Build Mudroom Locker

This Tutorial Helpful if you’re building your lockers

Locker Dividers

Next, I added the locker dividers. I used a bit of 1×12 for every divider.

I nailed the 2 ends in situ first.


I nailed some scrap wood pieces to the wall that served three purposes: helped hold the center two dividers in situ, gave me something to nail the shiplap to, and gave me something to mount the hooks on.

To secure the rock bottom of the 2 dividers to the seat, I added some wood glue on the rock bottom of every piece.

Then I nailed a 2×12 to the highest of the dividers.


Vertical Shiplap

Next, I filled within the back wall of every locker section with pieces of 4″ shiplap ran vertically.

I started within the center of every section and worked my answer nailing to the scrap boards I added earlier.

Top Shelves

I constructed each of the highest shelf sections before placing them on top of the lockers.

Once I had each of the 2 layers built, I lifted them and nailed them into place.

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