Mudroom Ideas That Have lots Of Storage
Mudroom Ideas That Have lots Of Storage

6 Best Mudroom Ideas That Have Lots of Storage and look Nice


When it comes to storage, is that too much? We don’t think so, so we believe in maximizing small spaces like slabs that are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing! Here are some of our favorite muddy rooms that are very stylish and easy to care for.

An Organized Oasis

This mudroom designed by Abby of Just A Girl and her Blog not only offers plenty of storage space for coats and accessories, but also incredible organizational stations, as shown above. This is the perfect place to keep invitations, brochures, and calendar hanging and keep up with everything for the coming weeks and months. You can also send fun memories and notes to your family anytime!

Get Hooked

Arrange the room with hooks as shown by Milena Disario at Casa Disario. This ensures that no one can escape by forgetting to wear clothes when entering. I also like the beautiful wooden walls and tile floors, which add a lot of personality to the small space. In addition, placing a basket on the floor allows the child to pick up his equipment before leaving the door.

Keep it Cozy

Can you believe that Erica Van Slyke of Designing Vibes designed this pretty room with a bohemian accent for less than $ 200? Thanks to the integrated drawers, hooks and top shelves, there is still enough storage space. As a bonus, warm colors make the space fun and full of life.

Go Vertical

Val from Lovely Lucky Life takes advantage of vertical space by increasing the number of shelves (although currently not full, we are sure that one day they will be available!). A beautiful wicker basket is a pleasant alternative to a more traditional and distinctive storage space in the room.

Keep It Sleek

You’re not a fan of showing all your articles? Kelly Rinzema of Lily Pad Cottage chooses a simple color palette and gives it a modern and stylish look, choosing a wardrobe with doors that close and hide everything.

Bring Out the Color

Monica Mangin from East Coast Creative designed this crazy house to be fun to do. Tall taxi drivers have enough space to store things – put the bad things behind the closet door – I also like to hang small toys with hooks.

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